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  • BIOMIC V3 provides automated reading for all varieties of Liofilchem ID and AST Systems including AF Genital System, Copro System Plus, Entero System 18R, Food System , HACCP System Plus, Integral System Enterobatteri, Listeria System 18R, Pathogenic System, Staf System 18R, etc.
  • Instant reading and interpretation of the wells (both color and turbidity) are displayed.
  • Users may adjust the +/- wells on screen.
  • High resolution images may be saved for future review.





 GIOTTO Reader

  • Automatically reads and interprets a wide range of panels and galleries Liofilchem ​​® for microbial identification and susceptibility testing.


GIOTTO Reader Liofilchem
BIOMIC V3 Liofilchem