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Coagulation Intruments


CoaData 2001 – Helena Bioscience England

Semi-automatic programmable two-channel coagulometer Helena CoaDATA 2001. Designed for high-precision test of clot formation, reliable testing lipemic and icteric patient samples.

  • It defines the basic parameters of hemostasis in the blood plasma, PV, TV, APTT and fibrinogen concentration
  • Measuring principle Nephelometric optical
  • Open system with the ability to test various software
  • Suitability for a wide range of tests koagulometricheskih
  • The possibility of execution of a large number of tests
  • Accuracy of measurement is 0.1 seconds
  • The ability to store large numbers of samples on the board (18)
  • A low coefficient of variation (CV) for the combination instrument reagent
  • stability samples
  • Low consumption of reagents and, consequently, their economic use
  • Coagulometer has a memory that retains parameters for 7 techniques including calibration curves allows typed necessary for the measurement data and print on a built-in thermal printer ready results
  • The device is provided with a magnetic stirrer and a built-in thermostat (at 37.4 ± 0.3 ° C) for 18 reaction cuvettes and 4 positions Reagent
  • The optical system of registration of clotting with constant stirring of the test sample
  • Autostart trigger reaction
  • Counting system cuvettes
  • The display shows the result and is used to control the time of incubation
  • The manufacturer guarantees the correct execution of analyzes, using only original ditch. To this end, each package comes with a ditch CuvCARD, that allows you to load balance in cuvette device
           .Brochure CYANCoag        CYANCoag: Coagulation Semi-Analyzer Works with plasma and all the blood. Mat PT, APTT & Fibrinogen Mechanical detection The INR results in a few seconds. Mat volume 150 to 400 μl. Error checking. Count-down start Incubator with 5 positions. Micro-method: up to 50% less reagent consumption. 1 channel.