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Histo-Line TEC 2800 Embedding Center

  • 3 Modules : Main Module, Cruo Module Cryo and Thermal Module
  • Huge ergonomic space
  • The day and the time of the work can be programmed automatecally
  • Each temperature can be controlled separatly to others
  • Download Brochure: Tec 2800


  • Histo Line ATP 700 Tissue Processor is a compact, bench top, linear tissue processor designed to process biological tissues from fixation to paraffin infiltration.
  • The unique linear design offers reliable technique in a small space in the laboratory.
  • Histo Line ATP 700 includes 14trays, 10 reagents and 4 paraffin, canprocess 2 x 75 samples simultaneously.
  • All the reagent and paraffin containersare completely closed to prevent evaporation, electrostatic filter prevent solventodors and pollution.
  • ATP 700 can be programmed for immediate or delayed start,the immersion time can be set from 1 minute to 99 hours and 59 minutes.

ARM 3600 Histoline

Function and characteristic:

  • Motorized drive.
  • Compatible Embedding Material paraffin, plastic.
  • The cutting and trimming function can be finished by the control system.
  • The hand wheel can be locked at any position, so as to ensure the safety of the operation.
  • The large waste tray can be Exchanged arbitrarily.
  • Two kinds of the specimen clamp can be changed conveniently, and it has the alarm system.
  • Two model for section: Manual and automatic, the user can switch arbitrarily.
  • Four speed of section: 25 circle/minute, 35 circle/minute, 45 circle/minute, 55 circle/minute.
  • Switch arbitrarily between section and trimming.

Technical Specifications:

  • Horizontal specimen stroke: 26mm
  • Vertical specimen stroke: 60mm
  • The retraction of the specimen clamp: 20mm
  • Orientation of the specimen head: 360°
  • Minimum setting thickness of slice: 0,5mm
  • Maximum section of slice: 50×50mm
  • Slice precision: ±10%
  • Download Brochure: ARM3600 Histoline

TEC 3000- Wax Trimmer

Technical Specification:

MC400- Histoline

Technical Specifications:

  • Section thickness setting:1-60 μm
  • 0-10 μm in 1 μm increments
  • 10-20 μm in 2 μm increments
  • 20-60 μm in 5 μm increments
  • Maximum specimen size: 50×70 mm
  • Horizontal specimen feed: 28 mm
  • Vertcal specimen stroke: 59 mm
  • Specimen orientation : 8° (x,y,z axis)
  • Trimming: motorized coarse feed
  • Motorized coarse feed: 2 speeds
  • Rapid: 0,8mm/sec
  • Slow: 0,2 mm/sec

Cooling capacity:


Technical Specifications Microtome:

  • Section thickness range 1-60,m Adjustable
  • Increment ±20%
  • Trimming thickness range10mm – 300mm, Adjustable
  • Increment 10mm, Increment:±20%
  • Specimen retraction 20mm
  • Horizontal stroke 25mm
  • Vertical stroke 45mm
  • Specimen orientation8°X,Y,Z three directions
  • Cryostat
  • Voltage 220V±10%
  • Frequency 50Hz
  • Chamber temperature -10 grade -35 grade Adjustable
  • Freezing shelf temperature -50 grade
  • Number of freezing station 18
  • Peltier number 2
  • Refrigerant: R404a,300g±10g
  • Compressor oil: 0.6L EMKARATE RL-22S, ICI
  • Dimensions :
  • Width:No hand wheel 680 mm
  • Width: With hand wheel 826 mm
  • Depth: 700 mm
  • Height: 1150 mm
  • Weight 126 kg
  • Download Brochure: MC5000 Histoline

MR- 2258  Histo-Line® Microtomy Systems

  • Histo Line MR2258 a rotary microtome, designed for routine and research in histology and research laboratories. The section thickness is selectable between 0.5 and 60 µm.
  • The MR2258 is supplied with a complete package of accessories:
  • Blade Holder for High and low Profile Disposable Blades
  • Knife Holder N Assembly for Steel Knifes
  • 3-Axis Orientation Attachment for Clamp
  • Universal Cassette Clamp with Adapter
  • Waste Tray
  • Specimen Clamp
  • Download Brochure: MR2258-Brochure Histoline

MRS 3500  Histo-Line® Microtomy Systems

  • Histo Line MRS 3500 is a Ultra-Thin, Semi-Automatic Motorized rotary microtome, designed for routine and research in histology and research laboratories.
  • The section thickness is selectable between 0.25 and 60 µm.
  • Trimming, slice’s thickness can be easily set through the control board.The LCD display gives all information.
  • The MRS 500 is supplied with a complete package of accessories:Blade Holder for High and low Profile Disposable Blades Knife Holder N Assembly for Steel Knifes3-Axis Orientation Attachment for ClampUniversal Cassette Clamp with AdapterWaste TraySpecimen Clamp
  • Download Brochure: MRS3500 Histoline

TEC 2500 Water Bath-Slide Drier

  • TEC 2500 Water Bath – Slide Drier All in One , is composed in three areas, Water Flattening Bath, Slide Drying Bench and Multipurpose Tray that can be used for drying and warming slides.


  • TEC 2800 CRYO CONSOLE is composed of a compressor cooled work surface held to chill the paraffin blocks rapidly.
  • The Teflon coated surface allows a minimum ice formation and easy cleaning.
  • Temperature is adjustable from ambient to -13°C increment in 1°C.
  • TEC 2800 CRYO CONSOLE can be used as a stand alone unit near the microtome station.
  • Download Brochure: Cryo-Thermal-console Histoline